Speedo operation

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Speedo operation

Post by gollfy »

Hi All,

I am running different wheels so have had to remove the front caps which has made the speedo cable inop. I have managed to lock into place with a piece of metal but would love to know if there is a more permanent solution that anyone knows about that can be purchased?


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Re: Speedo operation

Post by slowcoach »

Little gob of silicone from a mastic gun where the Square Speedo cable goes through the grease cap will seal out the water and stop it rusting. Keeps bearings happy aswell
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Re: Speedo operation

Post by bigherb »

I hope you don't mean you have removed the grease caps altogether?
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Re: Speedo operation

Post by clone123 »

bigherb wrote:I hope you don't mean you have removed the grease caps altogether?
That what he said Image

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Re: Speedo operation

Post by R0B »

Removed the grease caps. Really? :shock:
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