Chinese air heater on Amazon

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Chinese air heater on Amazon

Post by chiz »

Just wondering if this subject has been covered. I am considering not putting my Eber back in my van as it it old, un serviceable and very expensive to fix or replace. We having a look around me wondered about these Chinese air heaters that are for sale on Amazon for a little a £90 ish. The reviews are mixed but predominantly positive. I was thinking of buying one and although it is diesel (I am petrol) possibly finding a way of plumbing it in. As it comes with a 10l tank.

Thoughts and experiences please.
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Re: Chinese air heater on Amazon

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Re: Chinese air heater on Amazon

Post by dsa »

Just fitted one to my petrol van as you say just plum in using the tank that comes with the kit so far so good with mine lots of info on youtube and mostly positive  :ok

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