Westfalia luggage rack template

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Westfalia luggage rack template

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So finally got around to removing the incorrectly installed luggage rack.. That only had 2 pop rivets on the rear and was pop rivited through the two front drain holes! Underneath wasn't as bad as I was expecting and the sunroof functions as normal... Now I have the. Instalation instructions from t3 info and the two rear pop rivets show me the position the rack needs to be in. My obvious difficulty is the position of the correct 4.brackets that arrived today.. My plan is to fit the brackets to the luggage rack off the vehicle create an oversize piece of card or thick paper that I will tape attach etc to said brackets then place the luggage rack on the vehicle using the. Two rear pot rivets as reference for correct location.. Then I Can Tape etc the oversize cardboard paper etc to the vehicle. Unbolt luggae rack from the brackets and remove and in theory leaving brackets in position ready to be mark drilled and bolted.... Unless any one has a better idea or has a template already? Image
The nasty home made brackets
Oh and before I forget my understanding Is that the side luggage rack mounts should be accessible via the interior light above the drivers door... Is this correct as the hole in my luggage rack does not appear to line up with the interior light?

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