LPG Propex Heater Service in or around London

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LPG Propex Heater Service in or around London

Post by troglodisme »

Hi there, 

I am struggling to find somebody that will service my LPG Propex heater - it needs maintenance and probably new exhaust pipes as they were laid in a very weird way by the previous owners.
I had a bad experience trying to take it directly to Propex themselves, and now looking for an alternative option in (or around) London.

If it's somebody that understands LPG in general that would be awesome, so I could get that checked as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: LPG Propex Heater Service in or around London

Post by Aidan »

You must be the only one having a problem with Propex, they are one of the best companies for customer service I have ever come across; they may not work on installed systems however, but their refurbish and return it service is excellent. It does depend which model you have though, the very earliest units may no longer be serviceable as parts become obsolete, a bit like our vans.

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Re: LPG Propex Heater Service in or around London

Post by kentishvanman »

I had no problems with Propex when mine became faulty. Phoned them and they diagnosed the fault as far as possible over the phone.
Removed the unit, packed and posted. They kept me informed and it was returned in about 10 days.
Have put up with a lot worse 'outfits'.
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