Best quality Rock'n'Roll bed?

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Best quality Rock'n'Roll bed?

Post by KarlT »

Hi chaps.
Planning on converting my stripped out Caravelle into a proper camper.
Got an idea of layout I want.., but needing recommendations for the best quality and movement rock and roll , three-quarter width bed set up out there.

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Re: Best quality Rock'n'Roll bed?

Post by Stesaw »

I've been advised on Rusty Lee ones, seem reasonable on price and fitting looks easy. I will be replacing my 3/4 at somepoint as it's one with the bloody bit metal struts on the back that stop you getting into the engine bay when the seat is up... Not helpful at all.

hope that helps.
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Best quality Rock'n'Roll bed?

Post by DoubleOSeven »

1, get a full width bed if you want a good nights sleep & somewhere 2 adults can comfortably sit together.
2, Get a Westfalia one, no internal gubbings to get in the way of storage then
^^^ Just what I’ve learnt over the years in my Caravelle



Or a replica:
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