Recommendations for new bed

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Recommendations for new bed

Post by mariner »

Hi all. Interested in any recommendations anyone has for a new rock and roll bed. Re-doing the interior of mine and changing out the current on for something newer.

Remember reading about this on here a while back but can't find the thread now. Remember m1camperbeds being mentioned and have had a look at their bed. It comes with two three point belts built into the bed. I Thought they also had headrests and they do, but after speaking to them it seems the headrests are formed by cutting the ply and foam that fit to the frame into the headrest shape rather than any modification to the metal frame itself.

Has anyone had any success with other companies that are worth looking at? Cheers.
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Re: Recommendations for new bed

Post by Kristof »

Rusty Lee's seem to come quite well recommended. Just ordered myself a full width bed, comes with boards as well.

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