T25 1980 devon Table and wardrobe door sizes?

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T25 1980 devon Table and wardrobe door sizes?

Post by Roborod1969 »

Has anyone got a Devon t25 ?
I’ve managed to source the original brown melamine to replicate the cupboard doors but I have no sizes .
I need the table width and length , wardrobe and bed lower draw length and width .
Can anyone help and look in their devons? Or I’m going to have to guess this tomorrow.
I’ve got to great efforts to totally remanufacture the front fascia and cupboards, in the original cream !
I also need a set of original rear seats / cushions , if not I’ll get them remanufactured !!
Also is their a market for this ? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

H Julia
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Re: T25 1980 devon Table and wardrobe door sizes?

Post by H Julia »

I have a 1981 Devon but not to hand at the moment, expect someone else will be able to give you this information else I can give you the details in a couple of weeks. Where did you manage to find the brown melamine?! I'm trying to keep my van pretty original, but would be interested in renewing the cupboard doors .
Cheers, Julia
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Re: T25 1980 devon Table and wardrobe door sizes?

Post by Michael4 »

Does yours look like this? If so, which bits need measuring? I have the table somewhere, wardrobe I reckon I understand but lower drawer I don't think I have??

ImageIMG_3638 by dralowid, on Flickr

ImageIMG_3636 by dralowid, on Flickr
1985 1.9 DG Devon Moonraker with solid sided pop top

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