The Tardis factor (interiors, awnings, roofs etc)

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Post by Just_Kitt »

So, obviously the van gets cold in winter, would be great if I could keep it warmer.

Its a Kombi so plenty of windows, but they are tinted so no real issue with it getting too warm in the summer.

Any suggestions of insulation for behind the door cards / under the floor? Something that is not too messy, and above all will not rot or gather mould!!! - and opinions on weather this is worth the effort and will actually keep out the cold!

Also some insulation with sound deadening would always be a pluss! :P
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Re: Insulation?

Post by mckenzie798 »

I am using this as it has a good r value will fill the cavities avoiding air gaps and is made from recycled plastic so wont rot. If i had the money i would buy sheeps wool as it is environmentally friendly, anti mold and anti rot. it also releases the moisture absorbed in a controlled manner. Im also waxoyling the inside of the panels b4 fit.

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