Interior LED lighting

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Interior LED lighting

Post by keynsham1 »

I am sure this has been asked before but I am looking for advice on interior LED lighting for my van. I have stripped the interior out as I am doing a refurbishment so I can put lights anywhere I like. I was thinking of some flush round LED lights in the ceiling (it is a Hi-top with a false lined ceiling) and a few strip lights. Originally it had two tube lights inside, one 12w and the other 16w.

So on to my question. I have looked at the LED lights and there are literally hundreds available. They number from 10 LED's to 100+ LED's and have power stated usually in Lumens. I don't want to to be really dim inside but equally I don't want it like Wembley stadium during a floodlit match so any advice on what would be appropriate would be greatly appreciated!!

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Re: Interior LED lighting

Post by Mocki »

Buy the ones that have a dimmer on the remote control, then you can choose how much skin to take off your eyes .....
Maybe something like this ... HWPFEWPR8Y
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just one shade of very fast grey

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Re: Interior LED lighting

Post by AngeloEvs »

Fluorescent tubes give a warmer and wider spread of lighting. Some LED lighting give off a bluish white spectrum, the spread is more localised and you need quite few to give comparable output with fluorescent, also I find standard white LED lights uncomfortable regards lighting the interior.

LED lighting that uses Luxeon LEDs or similar give a higher brightness and available to give a warm white output but at the expense of requiring a slightly higher current than conventional LEDs. The higher the Lumens the brighter the output. We have fluorescent and Luxeon LED lighting and find that combination works best for us.
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