T25 1985 headlight replacements

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T25 1985 headlight replacements

Post by Villa victim »

Anyone know of a good set of headlights that i can fit to my t25, led or otherwise , I just want to see the road ahead, mine are originals but all the relfectors are rusted out, bulbs a bit tired too, already uprated the wiring and relays, any products worth recommending?

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Re: T25 1985 headlight replacements

Post by slowcoach »

I have pair from powerfuluk.com

They're good performance wise, and a good leap from the stockers. quality is lacking a bit though I think. The led halo ring failed after a year, and the other one has half failed. Having said that, they did replace the one that went with very little fuss.

Price is good though. But if your wiring is lacking, any output will be too. Consider a new headlight loom if you can get that fitted.

PS oh I see you have renewed wiring
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