1989 T25 1.6TD Westy electrics upgrade

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1989 T25 1.6TD Westy electrics upgrade

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I want to upgrade the electrics on my van. My current setup is the original one installed over 30 years ago. The existing battery behind the drivers seat is dead and I want to replace it. However, I want a bigger one and will have to move it elsewhere, either under the RnR bed or the small locker by the socket outlet. 

I have just bought a 2kw diesel heater and will be fitting that in the next few weeks. This will be the main draw on the battery along with charging my phone and tablet. My lights are LED. Other than that, my power consumption will be quite low. I would like an inverter too, just in case. 

I hope to be off grid most of the time but would occasionally use shore power. 

At some point, in the next year or so, when the arm and the leg the van cost me grow back again, I will install a solar panel on the poptop roof with associated MPPT charge control gear. I would also like the option, in a year or so, of upgrading to LiFePO4  battery. I would build this myself. 

Could you point me to a wiring diagram showing me how to design and install an integrated system. I would really like a central monitor so I can keep on eye on the van electrics. Something like a zig unit and with a battery disconnect so I can keep dod to defined level, 50% for AGM, 80% for LiFePO4. Victron and Renogy have some decent kit with bluetooth modules to monitor system. 

I was thinking of a 95Ah Halfords/Yuasa HLB800 vattery. Its certified as Class A by NCC. Have you other suggestions? 

I would also appreciate advice on battery charging: B2B/DC2DC or split charging?  Should I upgrade the cables connecting batteries and alternator to pull a heavier current and get a faster charge and consistent 14.8Volts to charge AGM battery. I am concerned, though, that higher voltage will lead to higher internal temperature with corresponding lowering of life of battery. 

Indeed, any advice on split charging would be appreciated as its something I know very little about. 

Thanks for reading this. 


1989 VW T25 1.6TD JX Westfalia California poptop with 5 gears. 

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