Internal air blower/fan

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Internal air blower/fan

Post by Gingermagic »

Hi all,

The whole control panel, for our air flow, seems to do nothing.

I also don't know exactly how it's supposed to work, but can assume that the rotating dial should increase the speed of some sort of fan.

Is there a fuse or two that I should check for this.

It would be nice if it was just a fuse, but I'll ask for pointers on getting to the bottom of the problem if the fuses are fine.

Which fuses should I check?

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Re: Internal air blower/fan

Post by Mocki »

tel / txt 07947137911
just one shade of very fast grey

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Re: Internal air blower/fan

Post by TONYT25T25 »

Did you get anywhere with this, mine failed a couple of years back, firstly there was a electrical burning smell followed by some white smoke.  A common problem I hear indicating that the motor has seized up and needs replacing.  Have not got round to it yet as it requires the dashboard being removed to get access.
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Re: Internal air blower/fan

Post by maxstu »

If your wipers are working then not the fuse....unless mod in they share same fuse with blower on early vans.
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