Jump lead doubts

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Jump lead doubts

Post by JerryMaidstone »

Hi All,
If it possible to jump start my 1984 petrol camper using the leisure battery, which is situated next to it, or does the internal wiring set up prevent that from being possible?
Please advise, thank you. Jerry

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Re: Jump lead doubts

Post by R0B »

If it's a true leisure battery no. If it's just a normal starter battery yes.
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Re: Jump lead doubts

Post by clone123 »

If it's a Dual purpose Leisure Battery you can check what type of leisure battery you have

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Re: Jump lead doubts

Post by TONYT25T25 »

Thought about this a few times myself, I am not an electrician but if your leisure battery is configured via a split charger, then no as surely this would cause some sort of issue unless you disconnect it from the split charging system before jumping, and as stated above if it is a proper leisure battery in any case it would be unsuitable for this purpose. 
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Re: Jump lead doubts

Post by bigherb »

Yes you can, even a leisure will be able to start an engine, it just won't be able to turn it over for as long as a starter battery. Shouldn't effect a split charger as it won’t be switched on until the engine starts.
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Re: Jump lead doubts

Post by Dazco »

My leisure battery is an old starter battery and I did use it to jump start once .
I did remove it from the split charging circuit , easy with quick release battery connectors.
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Re: Jump lead doubts

Post by robertneill602 »

Also make sure you unplug the split charging relay whilst jump starting. Think reliable battery life can be short as 3 to 5 years.

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Re: Jump lead doubts

Post by Mocki »

There is no need to disconnect split charge, the relay wouldn’t be energised before the alternator started to charge anyway, and then it would only connect the two batteries together, which they already are if you are jump startin 

the only issue with using a true leisure battery for jump starting , is the damage it will cause to the leisure battery , which will be permanent.( warped plates with in ) 
if it’s a dual purpose or starter battery then no damage will occur . 
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