Starter Motor wiring

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Starter Motor wiring

Post by PhilNorwich »

Hi All, my first post on here, I used to have T2s but now have a T25
My van won't start, it won't turn over, i've changed the starter motor, relay, ignition switch and even tried a different battery, i've tracked it down to starter not getting 12v when i ran a continuity cable, my question is how do i ran a new cable from fusebox the starter, where exactly on the fusebox do i need to change?



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Re: Starter Motor wiring

Post by 937carrera »

Start off by reading the wiring diagram available from

When you have done that you will discover that there is no fuse on the starter cable

Checks to do:

Battery fully charged (sorry) ?
Continuity from battery +ve to starter terminal ?
What voltage at the starter teminal ?
Earth straps in good condition ?
Remove the solenoid wire, 12v when the ignition switch is put into the run position ?
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Re: Starter Motor wiring

Post by Mocki »

It would help if you added the details of your vehicle to your profile or signature 

there is no fuse, or relay , the starter has a solenoid which is a relay . 
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Re: Starter Motor wiring

Post by robertneill602 »

A Haynes Manual will help. On the wiring diagram there maybe single point joints marked with a T suffix. These maybe be behind the fusebox and kick panels in the cab/around under dashboard area. Would also check the wiring loom condition around floor entry and underside of van. I don't know if there are further points such as the steering column and underdash body seems on where the wiring loom can rub against.

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