Alternator light.

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Alternator light.

Post by ricicles »

First trip away this year . Alternator light came on but goes out at higher revs.
I have measured the voltage from the alternator . Its showing 11v at tickover.
Should it be more or is this normal at tickover.
Should I be looking for a fault elsewhere?

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Jim San
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Re: Alternator light.

Post by Jim San »

Low charge. 
belt slack, poor earth, poor connection at terminals are first things to check.

Worn brushes, simple and easy fix, change brush pack.
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Re: Alternator light.

Post by Mocki »

It should be 14.5v ideally as soon as the engine is running . Tickover shout be any different , it’s alternator not a dynamo! 

It’s the brush pack .

when you measure the out put voltage measure the the back of the alternator, using the casing as neg .
then measure again using the van body as neg , any difference and you need to clean the alternator amounting points and earthnstraps . 
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Re: Alternator light.

Post by tobydog »

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