Early 1981 air-cooled not starting after fusebox cleanup

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Re: Early 1981 air-cooled not starting after fusebox cleanup

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troglodisme wrote:
07 Jul 2020, 21:05
 The idea is to then try and figure out where they go and maybe get rid of some old hacks (e.g. there are two switches on the dashboard that currently don't do anything).

Are these to do with an lpg conversion ,have you refitted them upside down or not left them switched to the correct position. 

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Re: Early 1981 air-cooled not starting after fusebox cleanup

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Hi all, 

Thanks for the great feedback. I disconnected all the fusebox wires again and put them back once more... and, the van started
So yeah definitely some dodgy connection or me making some mistakes. I have now lost the horn and indicators (which were working fine before) but again it might just be one of the wires, so will go back to it during the weekend. 

Very good to hear the van starting though :) The ticking noise is also there although not always for the same length of time after turning the key, so maybe the starter solenoid needs replacement? Will investigate further.

Ans yes, all of the wiring in the engine looks suuuuuper dodgy, but nothing to do with me (yet). 40 years of different owners fixing it on the road I guess? Will slowly upgrade everything to normal again.

Many thanks for the encouragement so far 

ps: going through receipts I got from the person I bought it from, I saw they had a new Vege engine installed in 2011. Anyone knows much about this brand?

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Re: Early 1981 air-cooled not starting after fusebox cleanup

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As far as I know Vege " had" a good reputation years ago. If it's running sweet , regular oil and filter changes and general engine servicing should keep it going.
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Re: Early 1981 air-cooled not starting after fusebox cleanup

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Vege had a good reputation 20 years ago for rebuilding engines. I was told by my local garage that then the engines were rebuilt in Holland by the company itself. It was evidently taken over by somebody who changed the procedure. Now they are rebuilt by back street guys all over the place. Following bad experiences, my garage refuses to fit Vege engines anymore. However, yours might be a good re-build. Fingers crossed.

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