Poxy horn!

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Poxy horn!

Post by 2011dandd »

Hi everyone
Been ages since I’ve been on the forum.
The van needs an mot and the only thing I know it will fail on for sure is the horn.
Had to change the steering couplings last year for the mot and managed to bugger the wiring up.
Got it bodge to pass and then almost instantly on leaving the test center I did a big 360 out of the car park and buggered it up again.

Got it out of storage yesterday, gave it a wash today ready for its last legal test as it’s a september 1980 T3 and had a look at the wiring for the horn at the steering coupling on the floor and I’m more bloody confused than I remember being last year.

Any advice would be very much appreciated. Cheers


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Re: Poxy horn!

Post by Funkychops »


It's difficult to diagnose the issue without more info, but I'll add my 5p...

The horn circuit is always live, and the horn is sounded by earthing the circuit. In practice, this is done by depressing the steering wheel button which brings two copper plates into contact, thereby completing the earth path. This is one thing to check

If you were having issues with the horn on full lock, one thing to check might be the brass ring which sits underneath the steering wheel (on the back of the wheel when you remove it). These often break and can be readily replaced. If this brass ring looks okay, check the copper sprung contact that it touches (attached to the indicator stalk assembly). On mine, it was this bit of copper that was broken and replacing the indicator stalk did the trick

Good luck
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Re: Poxy horn!

Post by Mocki »

Yes the connection at room of the steering column is neg ( -12vdc) 
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Re: Poxy horn!

Post by Davegrohl99 »

I think theres an earth on the steering column I gave it a good clean connected it up and Beep!

Spent 2 hours chasing wites to find out this was the problem!

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Re: Poxy horn!

Post by slowcoach »

You can even earth the switch wires to the steering wheel nut to make it beep, so bypassing the earth wire down the column. I tapped a new self tapper ring terminal into some of the metal meat on the steering wheel under the horn button. It's worked well for many years
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Re: Poxy horn!

Post by Mr Bean »

I had a ZB Magnette which randomly tooted when cruising along much to my embarrassment. 
Even worse was our Myna bird who used to wolf whistle our neighbour who would mow the front lawn in a bikini.
Can't think where the little blighter got that from.  :lol:
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Re: Poxy horn!

Post by 2011dandd »

Thanks for help everyone👍

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