Horn contact

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Horn contact

Post by Funkychops »

Hi all

First post here! Looking forward to getting out in our 1983 air cooled T25.

I've got an issue with my horn. It's not the brass ring that usually goes that's the problem, but the copper contact that sits underneath this ring. Anyone know where you can buy this bit? If not, has anyone got any recommendations? Assume a thin bit of copper would work fine as it's just acting as part of the live circuit right?

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Re: Horn contact

Post by Mocki »

Many years ago I had this issue on one of my vans , I cut a sutible bit of a old ( Bean) tin and soldered it onto the existing contact . 

easy enough, just tinned the two bits and then applied minimum heat to them . Worked for years . 
needs to be clean , non lacquered tin tho . 
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just one shade of very fast grey

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