Inner square headlights not working

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Inner square headlights not working

Post by Galph »

Hi all, 

I have a 1986, 1.9 DG Autosleeper.

I have just installed the campervan culture headlight loom upgrade kit as per the youtube video below and noticed my inner headlights don't work when I turn on full beam. I have square/ rectangular headlights.

The bulbs are working as I removed them and connected them directly to a 12v source to confirm.

I then replaced the bulbs and applied the 12v source to the connectors on the back of the light and the bulb did not light. 

I attached the earth for the loom kit to new earth after sanding back to bare metal. I have also checked all fuses.

The headlights are now getting 12.2v up from 9.8v prior to the wiring upgrade.

So currently I have dipped and full beam with the rectangular headlights but the smaller inner lights are not working.

It is possible that they were not working before I changed the wiring over because at present I rarely drive the van at night.

I have a couple of pictures of how the lights are wired at the back here: Loom upgrade pictures

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Re: Inner square headlights not working

Post by Aidan »

the wiring looks correct so I'd suspect the termination of one of the wires, voltage check at the terminals cos if the bulbs work and the wiring is right I can't see why they wouldn't work
You have got stock H4 type bulbs in the main lights haven't you ?

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Re: Inner square headlights not working

Post by Mocki »

As has been said where else you posted this , it’s looking like the loom is faulty, bulbs proven to ok, they are just piggybacked into the crimps by the look of your pictures 
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just one shade of very fast grey

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Re: Inner square headlights not working

Post by davidoft1 »

Have you got a picture of how the bulbs connected ?

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