Advice on re-wiring zig

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Advice on re-wiring zig

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Hi all. My zig unit has always run off the starter battery using a small green relay (rm12) as there was no leisure battery. I've now fitted a leisure battery and vsr and as a result I've ditched the relay - don't think it was working fully anyway as 12v on fridge never had power- and am transferring the wiring to the leisure battery.

Without the relay I'm left with a brown live cable for the zig and a blue live for the fridge, along with the neutral (brown for zig and white for fridge) for each of these. I need to extend each of these so they reach the leisure battery under the passenger seat but am unsure about the right ampage needed for the cable. Will a 17amp cable for the fridge suffice and 27amp cable for the zig work? I plan to extend using connector blocks and then put a 10amp inline fuse in. Cheers for any help.
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