Washer bottle clean

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Washer bottle clean

Post by itchyfeet »

Washer bottle is in electrical in the Haynes and Bentley so it's in electrical here too :D

My poptop washers keep getting blocked, when you wash the windscreen you can see black crap coming out the jets.

Somebody must have been using soap instead of screenwash in the past so it needs cleaning, job for this morning, pics to share as usual.

I have heard you can get legionnaires from washer bottles too but I have been using screenwash for the last year and so hopefully anything in there is now dead.

dropped the spare wheel to get access to the filler pipe

ImageP1090893 by Paul_Barr, on Flickr

two bolts and ease out the filler and it drops out

ImageP1090896 by Paul_Barr, on Flickr

something ready to sit it on

ImageP1090898 by Paul_Barr, on Flickr

ImageP1090899 by Paul_Barr, on Flickr

I wanted to blow out the pipes to the jets so I cut off from the pump, it would not pull off. if you didn't need to do that pump slides out

ImageP1090901 by Paul_Barr, on Flickr


ImageP1090903 by Paul_Barr, on Flickr

cleaning the outside was easy, inside hard so I came up with the idea of gravel and washing up liquid and shook it....worked a treat

ImageP1090905 by Paul_Barr, on Flickr

ImageP1090906 by Paul_Barr, on Flickr

had to stretch the pipe it's way smaller than the pump for some reason, cup of hot water and pliers

ImageP1090907 by Paul_Barr, on Flickr

ImageP1090908 by Paul_Barr, on Flickr

ImageP1090910 by Paul_Barr, on Flickr

the filler seal was split but I'm happy to leave that becuse it means it pours out underneath before it pours into the cab :D

ImageP1090911 by Paul_Barr, on Flickr

job done

ImageP1090912 by Paul_Barr, on Flickr
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Re: Washer bottle clean

Post by jamesakers »

Nice one Paul, thanks for all the clear pictures. I was wondering how it was all connected under there!
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