T25 Starter Motor Problems - Earth

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Re: T25 Starter Motor Problems - Earth

Post by itchyfeet »

Well the 'reliable auto electrics place' should be prepared to look at it again for you.

In light of the fact the work you paid for didn't fix the problem you may decide to take it to somebody else but worth giving them the opportunity to look at it.

New parts can also be faulty or go faulty quickly id they are poor quality or badly fitted.

Has it worked reliably for a period since they did the work?
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Re: T25 Starter Motor Problems - Earth

Post by nigeldodd »

There seems to be another thread covering the same topic here
with the title "starter motor problems"

I have just posted on that thread having solved the starting problem by using a jump lead to provide a good earth to the starter motor.


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Re: T25 Starter Motor Problems - Earth

Post by R0B »

Marmalade67 wrote:Got similar issue. had all the wires to the starter replaced and new connectors by reliable auto electrics place and the starter is not even two years old. Our issue seems to be when it is hot. So we will be able to start and run it but for example after 10 mins stopping for petrol and then nothing Not tried belting starter yet as I felt it was too new. Of to France in it on Wednesday and not fancying having to park on slope to bump it for two weeks.
I had this problem. Tapping the starter with a hammer whilst someone turned the key always worked. But it's a PITA if the rear has to be unloaded to get to the starter. I ended up splashing out on a high torque starter in the end.
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