Paint Your Wagon - with a roller!

Thin bits of metal and bright blue light. Including glass & trim.

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Re: Paint Your Wagon - with a roller!

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I am at the end of putting my van back together after fixing the bodywork and repainting with Rustoleum.
However I used a satin finish of the Rustoleum Combicolor and it seems incredibly easy to scratch it. I am sure it is well cured, although maybe not fully, I am on the south coast and the van has been sat in all this hot weather for the last few weeks.

Has anyone experienced the same with the Gloss version of the paint - I spotted the gloss has a slightly higher solids content in volume - Gloss: 53-57%; Satin: 48-52%

It has been a lot of work and the finish is good but the ease with which it can be scratched is a bit distressing.
I have not polished or waxed the van!

Any advice will be appreciated.
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Re: Paint Your Wagon - with a roller!

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Cyrus wrote:Getting there

Wow it was 5 years ago since I painted my camper blue, it's looking a sorry state ATM. I need to do a whole load of body work, mainly around the windows as they're rusting and ns wheel arch/sliding door runner. I've just managed to get her through the MOT since the previous one was done two years ago (6 month covid extension) now I need to get back at it.

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