What’s best to bond wood to fibreglass?

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What’s best to bond wood to fibreglass?

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Evening all
Been removing the sagging interior of the high top this weekend in preparation to put in some stretch carpet. There are pieces of wood behind the sagging vinyl that  would serve as clamping strips around the windows and provided a place for screws to secure a cupboard doors etc. Some of these have gone past their best and simply turn to dust. Looks like dry rot and there’s no sign of moisture 
Question is I need to replace these pieces and originally they were screwed into the fibreglass itself. Although it seems to have a double wall of thickness in these parts I can’t help but think there is something out there that will be as good or better. Silka flex or tiger seal is what I first thought of. I have a chaulking tube of no more nails and wondered about spreading it on 
Thanks for the advice 
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Re: What’s best to bond wood to fibreglass?

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I use West Systems Epoxy resin. Its what is used on boats for wood to fibreglass/gelcoat fixings, also used  in building trade for wood to wood where structural strength is needed.

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Re: What’s best to bond wood to fibreglass?

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I had the same issue and used ‘sticks like sh*t’. Still good a year later 😀
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