Chips & scratches

Thin bits of metal and bright blue light. Including glass & trim.

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Jeff J
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Chips & scratches

Post by Jeff J »

Has anyone used this type of product & knows that it really works as well as they make out. I find it hard to understand or believe how they can do what they claim if the paint has gone down to the primer, especially with water based paint & lacquer.

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Re: Chips & scratches

Post by jrt »

I have used one on my red scooter and it did a good job. I was quite surprised as it has a white undercoat. I bought it about 2 years ago but didn’t pay that much for it, under a tenner.
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Re: Chips & scratches

Post by hubcap61 »

As above post, I used one on my wifes  red Audi TT. Surprisingly decent results for the price.
I used a T-Cut scratch pen from Asda, under £10.00
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Re: Chips & scratches

Post by TONYT25T25 »

Ok I guess to use as a quick layer to protect from the elements before the rust starts to appear.
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