Can't open 2 doors with key

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Can't open 2 doors with key

Post by Gingermagic »

Hi All,

When we bought our camper, a couple of months ago, we were told that one of the keys opened the driver and boot doors, and the other opened the passenger and sliding doors.

This was not correct. Both of the keys we got were identical. They open the driver and boot doors, and work in the ignition. We don't have any keys to open/lock the passenger and sliding doors. We have to open those internally, once the drivers door is open.

I'm not sure if these locks have just seized up (they won't turn at all, and I've tried lots of WD40), or if they do work with another key for some reason.

Locking and unlocking the van, in its current state, is a pain So, I'd love to get the locks fixed on the passenger and sliding doors if possible.

How can I go about this?

Can I get those 2 locks replaced? If possible, I'd obviously like them to work with the same key as the rest of the van.

Or, will I need to have 2 different keys, unless I replace ALL of the locks (and ignition) in the van?

Are these locks easy to find (where) and fit (how)?

You can probably guess that I'm new to all of this, so would love some pointers.


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Re: Can't open 2 doors with key

Post by TONYT25T25 »

WD 40 may not work in this case as it is only a water dispersant, try a releasing oil such as plug gas, in the meantime if you have not already tried, put the keys in the lock trying both sides of the key, also without to much pressure turn them as you pull them gently out to see if this operates the lock, also after inserting the key pull it in and out several times to get things moving  just something I would try to begin with. Like many I have three different keys to fit doors and ignition etc, but I put up with it, you can buy new replacement locks and keys from various VW on line retailers.
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