Fix seal around engine hatch

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Fix seal around engine hatch

Post by Gingermagic »

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully this question is in the right section of the forum. Please let me know if not.

You know the rubber trim that goes around the engine hatch? Well, on our van, it's all there, but is completely loose (free from the body of the van). This means that it's a complete balancing act, trying to get it all into place and then carefully putting the hatch door back in without disturbing it.

It's just about doable, but garages don't take that amount of care, so the whole thing can sometimes be training through the engine compartment.

How can I fix this?

I get the feeling that most glues wouldn't work very well. Are there any that will work to fix the trim in place?

Or do I need to get rid of the old trim and replace it completely? Even then, I'm not sure how to make it stick.

I'm sure that I'm not the first person to have to deal with this though. What have people done before?


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Re: Fix seal around engine hatch

Post by TONYT25T25 »

Good question you just reminded me of another job I have to do, mine is in place put does come undone on one side, there is a lot of heat generated in this area which is why the lid has insulation for noise and heat I believe. With mine it is a balancing act when replacing the lid, only a suggestion because I have not done it myself yet would be to ensure the area/groove it sits in is perfectly clean without rust then apply an adhesive which is heat resistant to hold it all in place. Also make sure the rubber itself is just as clean to ensure it sticks.
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Re: Fix seal around engine hatch

Post by H Julia »

Hi , on Brickwerks website they supply the seals and note they should be stuck down with contact adhesive, so that sounds like the way to go ..
Cheers, Julia
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Re: Fix seal around engine hatch

Post by Dazco »

A good contact adhesive will do the trick, evostick or similar. :ok
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Re: Fix seal around engine hatch

Post by silverbullet »

+1 for evostick impact adhesive. Apply to the body recess, lay the seal in, close & lock the hatch and leave for 24 hours.
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Re: Fix seal around engine hatch

Post by Robsey »

Has to be proper smelly evostik.
None of this modern low odour rubbish.

Evostik is modestly resistant to heat, but most modern stuff will let go at 50°C or above.

I used brush on Evostick for my car's head-liner.
All the spray on glues were no use at all in a warm environment.
The hot sun in May caused the spray glue that I used at first, to let go.
Much to my utter annoyance.
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