Quarter light windows

Thin bits of metal and bright blue light. Including glass & trim.

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Quarter light windows

Post by Davegrohl99 »

Just bought a pair of new quarter light window frames fro NLA VW parts.

Got them very quickly and packaged very well so far so good.

Took my original window out the bottom of the frame finally gave way. Then proceeded to swap all the rubber and glass over to the new frame. The glass wont fit into the new frame the nee recivers for the bit to bikt the glass to the frame are made of plastic and in turn wont hold the glass to the frame.

I then proceeded to swap my original hinges to the new frame and the frame snapped in too along the long edge.

I'm so pissed off was supposed to be campeing this weekend now I have a hole in the side of my van and the original frames are toast.

Anyone any ideas of what to do next?Image

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Re: Quarter light windows

Post by Merrsh1 »

I feel your pain, mine did the same. I’m guessing yours are riveted and the rivet has failed?

I fixed mine using very small nut and bolts through the rivet holes.

The force you need to apply to get these quarter lights in, rivets aren’t up to the job anyway

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