Good VW Restorers in North West

Thin bits of metal and bright blue light. Including glass & trim.

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Good VW Restorers in North West

Post by CvGeorge »


Can anyone recommend a garage in the North West please?

Looking for some T25 panels (the usual front lower, rear arches, rear quarters etc) to be replaced.

Also, if anyone knows where the best place to get panels from is as there are multiple sites but unsure of which are best quality or all the same.

Appreciate any advice.

Thank you.
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Re: Good VW Restorers in North West

Post by R0B »

These can supply panels.
Putting your location in your bio might help narrow down a restorer close to you.
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Re: Good VW Restorers in North West

Post by Robsey »

In the "North West" we have a couple of very good suppliers of panels and other parts.

Alan H Schofield is approx 15 miles east of Manchester. In a place called Dinting near Glossop off the A57.
They supply in house panels and various other makes too - Klokkerholm and VW original panels.

Also competitively priced are Brickwerks...
About 10 miles north of Glossop in Holmfirth near Huddersfield.
They supply original VW panels and Klokkerholm panels.

If you want used panels and spares, then you have NWVW (North West VW) near Preston.
Both Schofields and NWVW have shops on ebay if that helps.

As for garages... I am drawing a blank there, as I do not know.
I am restoring my own van, which is very slow but it will be worth it in the end.
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Re: Good VW Restorers in North West

Post by dannylad »


I found these for my metal sheeting.

B S Supplies Stoke on Trent Ltd 

4ft x 2ft was 14.99 (1ml)

Bought some panel adhesive too while i was there.. they do all spray guns, paint, tools and lots more.. they may have a branch close to you im not sure.. i cut out a window and the 4 x 2 is a perfect size for this job and saves getting a full panel for 150 quid or whatever they cost then a welder.. run into hundreds if you not careful.

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