Recommendations to fix rusty high roof westfalia

Thin bits of metal and bright blue light. Including glass & trim.

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Recommendations to fix rusty high roof westfalia

Post by zoona »

Ok, next question for the hive mind...

We are at a cross roads with our van (high roof westfalia). We have potential rusty roof issues:

There are also some slight rust patches around the van as well, and I have cleaned them off. Mostly I have been able to get back to good metal, but there is one that is through to the underseal on the back side. I am sure there is more that I haven't seen yet.

I have some options:
  1. patch it up and get rid
  2. patch it up and drive it until it is so bad that we have to do something more serious
  3. fix it properly now

I would like to go with the last option, but it depends how crazy expensive is going to be.

The question:

Can anybody recommend somebody who can sort out the roof rust and tidy up the rest?

The main problem is that we are in Switzerland, and so they won't be able to see the car before dropping it off.

​​​I have emailed a couple of people recommended in a thread I saw here, but got no response. My assumption is that they don't want the hassle of a foreign car.

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Re: Recommendations to fix rusty high roof westfalia

Post by weimarbus »

Have you tried 'Flakey' see 'rust hitop gutters' in the restoration section
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