Newbie removing an engine - some advice? CU

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Newbie removing an engine - some advice? CU

Post by jospanner »

Hi there!
I've got my VW's CU Aircooled engine ready to unbolt from the body -
Essentially, once the engine accessories/cables/etc are disconnected, it's a case of undoing the transmission mount at the front, and then 2 x 2 bolts holding in the engine bearer/tache bar, right? I still have tinware attached, should I be removing that before lowing the engine?

Does both the transmission and engine come down as one unit? I see the transmission mounting bolts/nuts as described in Haynes. I don't need to do anything with the transmission, though.

When it comes to lowering the engine, are there any points to attach a crane on the top? I can't see any. Can't get any straps round underneath too, with the tin in the way. I have two trolley jacks and a couple of blocks of wood, is that enough? Lowering these things is a bit hairy but that might do the job? Haynes seems to think so.

Guessing that I'll need to lower the engine onto something in order to roll it out, yeah? Some kind of dolly?

Sorry if these are newbie questions, just never done this sort of thing before, probably overthinking a bit!

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Re: Newbie removing an engine - some advice? CU

Post by Mocki »

It’s years since I dropped a air cooled , but one thing you do need to do is remember to remove the heater control cables and the gear linkage if you are only dropping engine ( obviously you will have to disconnect the linkage if you decide to drop the box as well ) or you will bend it 
if you are only dropping the engine you will need to hand the gearbox at the bell housing once the engine is gone there is nothing to hold it up .

the tinware can stay on the engine , but remove the seals if you can so you don’t damage them 

I have never used a crane, only ever a Jack and a couple of axle stands to drop the mounting bar onto to allow getting the Jack out to slide the engine out , others will have more to say ……
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Re: Newbie removing an engine - some advice? CU

Post by multisi »

I use thin metal rods and a piece of plywood on them for the engine to sit on then roll the engine out.
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