Starting motor

Big lumps of metals and spanners. Including servicing and fluids.

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Starting motor

Post by Reddevil666 »

I have just had my starting motor referbished it was still clicking upon starting I went away stopped in services and when I tried to start the van the there was no click or anything but the motor just kept spinning and eventually burnt out I have now had it referbished again and it is still clicking any ideas ?? Could it be the relay starter in the fuse box or ignition switch?

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Re: Starting motor

Post by Aidan »

sounds like the solenoid hasn't been refurbished, the cap of the solenoid is often the part that functionally fails and should be replaced as part of a proper refurbishment but they are quite difficult to remove and fit a new one too (and a wbx t25 cap is not standard) so most places don't bother, a complete new solenoid is expensive, especially a genuine one. 

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