accelerator pedal and cable

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accelerator pedal and cable

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Hi All,

My van had the accelerator cable replaced before I bought it, and it is not quite right:

When I start up the engine revs slightly and stays thay way until I depress the clutch, at which point it starts ildling and stays that way when I take my foot off the clutch.

Also, if it is revving slightly and I get out to have a look, then climb back in through the sliding door, it drops into a regular idle the moment I step foot inside....

I noticed when I was moving it, movement on the accelerator pedal was not translating into revs very smoothly, sometimes depressing it halfway would do nothing, other times it would increase the revs. Tricky for tight parking.

The guy I bought it from mentioned that it went well but the accelerator cable needed adjustment as it was dropping revs on some hills.

Is something sticking, too slack/tight etc? I wondered where I should start looking?

Thanks, Pete
1983 1.6 air cooled high top

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