Auto Gearbox Throttle Lever Leak

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Auto Gearbox Throttle Lever Leak

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Auto Gearbox Throttle Lever Leak

Hi all knowledgeables! 

I'm sorting out the long list of issues on my van, hopefully in time for some summer camping (even if it's limited to the back garden!).

Pic below for reference but I have a leak from behind the slotted end on the throttle lever on the auto box. I've taken it apart, old seal seems ok but I have a similar sized replacement.

The slotted washer that goes into the recess behind the circlip was however snapped in 2 so I have turned down a copper washer to fit into the recess. 

Does anyone know the correct part numbers/stockists for the parts before I go with the hybrid fix? Can anyone suggest any alternative fixes or does my logic seem sensible?

Image<<it would be these parts behind the lever here<<

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