Early Gear Linkage Reconnection - Shift Linkage Housing?

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Early Gear Linkage Reconnection - Shift Linkage Housing?

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ImageThe slop in the gear change finally drove me to go for a refurb.  As I have an early van with a 12mm gear stick, air cooled manual,  I selected the below parts I thought would help fix the problem from Brickwerks.  
What has thrown me now  when its all apart is my shift linkage housing  doesn’t look like the ones I can see on the guides to reconnect. Passenger side just has what looks like a piece of flat plastic and drivers side a folded metal gulley.

I have the the rear linkage split from the middle linkage and the gearstick disconnected ready for reconnection.  Can anyone please advise where I start .i.e to I put a bigger wedge in the box as it doesn’t have a guide on both sides. As I am a bit lost. Thanks


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