Big lumps of metals and spanners. Including servicing and fluids.

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I'm new to T25 ownership having just picked up a 1983 1.9 DG.  I deffo have some rust to deal with and the interior looks home made to say the least.  I'll probably blog me trying to fix the van up.

Anyway, couple of completely stupid questions to get out of the way.

1 - Is mineral oil 15/40 the only oil I should be using.

2 - The dash is super simple on this one, no rev counter :( I'm assuming I can add an after market one to using the alternator?  W connector I beleieve?

3 - Temprature guage, it moves a bit, left to right, but didn't seem to come up high, about the middle when I left the car running (does not like being cold and I had to rev it a little until it got upto heat a bit then ran ok).  Is the overheat area to the right of the guage?  I know this sounds daft but I can't find an answer on google for this one.

4 - Rough running when cold, will not idle, I'm assuming I'll just have to pick through all the service parts and then the vacume hoses etc.

5 - Seam rust, apart from the obvious (getting the rust out and maybe new panels), is there a recommended way of treating these.  Like, remove rust, replace panel if needed, treat metal with anti rust, couple of coats of primer, seal them (Silkaflex 222) then over paint?

Well I must admit I'm looking forward to getting stuck in, always wanted a van and ended up with this one.  As a Discovery 1 ex owner I'm used to rust lol.  I have a welder and will give it a go.

Thanks in advance, sorry for the list of questions, there will be more.


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Re: Greetings

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1. Yes (ideally 15w/50)
2. Yes or one from a petrol caravelle, theres a connection in the dash binnacle. (14 pin connector blue wire)
3. 11.55 is the usual resting place, but anywhere is normal ..Overheat is in the red
4.Auto Choke not set correctly or faulty.
Cold start fast idle mechanism not working
Use the haynes manual and reset the choke.
Check bimetalic spring is attached.
Follow the cold start procedure.
5. You can do that, and you'll be doing it again, at some point.
No treatment will stop the eternal process inside the seam.
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Re: Greetings

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I have a similar cold start problem with mine but put up with it, mine needs to be encouraged by tapping the accelerator pedal slightly when starting even after following the cold start procedure, a couple of taps on the pedal encourages it to tick over better, then when warmed up a bit after a few mins, a couple of more taps drops the revs to its normal idle speed.
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