jx turbo from ebay.

Big lumps of metals and spanners. Including servicing and fluids.

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jx turbo from ebay.

Post by pinpointer01 »

Has anyone bought one of the cheap turbo,s from ebay they sell for around £180, and seem to all come from Germany. has anyone bought one and if so whats the quality and the performance like.

cheers Dave R

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Re: jx turbo from ebay.

Post by Dueller »

Been looking at these myself as whilst a rebuild kit is cheap enough, finding someone to balance it less so, might still rebuild mine when i pull the motor this month as needs a few jobs doing

My thoughts are the turbo is rebuilt but the wastegate just refreshed to manage costs, probably wrong but you never know!

Ive noticed us JX thread starters dont really get a lot of traction on the forums for tuning etc so we're a minority i guess

I was after some tuning info and found Simon Baxter old threads from 2006 when he started to comment on the JX mods he did but thats about it

Im keeping my K14 turbo and refreshing the engine for sale, its a Vege recon from somewhere in the past, got me an AHU with fly by wire to swap in 
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