rebuild or re manufactured engine.

Big lumps of metals and spanners. Including servicing and fluids.

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rebuild or re manufactured engine.

Post by nick.k »

Not a technical hands on person when it comes to mechanicals but. '82 air cooled 2ltr is in the garage and things look suddenly pretty grim after years of being reliable and smooth if slow.

It seems likely that the engine will need replacing/rebuilding but the're still digging.

The garage mechanic (who I trust) favours a rebuild specialist rather than a replacement engine Heritage Parts or JK VEGE if it comes to that, although short engine may not be enough.

Quite apart from the difficult decision whether to spend another small/large fortune Having had a new autohomes roof fitted during/just after lock down 1.

Which way would people go rebuild or remanufactured ? 



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Re: rebuild or re manufactured engine.

Post by ajsimmo »

I can't advise on that choice, as I have to declare an interest! I build engines for T3s up here on the Isle of Arran. If your mechanic thinks the case is good and in rebuildable condition, and you're happy to send it up on a pallet I would be happy to give you a price to rebuild it.

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Re: rebuild or re manufactured engine.

Post by shalfy1 »

I also have an Autohomes. It's a 1990 Kamper with a 2.1 DJ engine.
I had the engine rebuilt last year (approx 92k miles). The local garage that I've used for 12 years rated the VEGA. The (different) garage that took the engine out sent it off to The Engine Shop in Dartford for a rebuild. I liked the idea of keeping the original engine rather than a replacement VEGA, and The Engine Shop rebuild price was significantly cheaper too. Although I had a couple of issues with the rebuild (cam followers, crank cover leak) I'm happy with the result. These vans always need more spent on them - it's in their nature.
I'd be interested in where you had your Autohomes roof done. Mine needs attention.
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Re: rebuild or re manufactured engine.

Post by 937carrera »

It comes down to money.

Do you just need one that "works", or do you actually want a proper rebuild

A proper rebuild will cost more in parts than an off the shelf exchange engine will cost. That's all you need to know

I'm with your garage mechanic
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Re: rebuild or re manufactured engine.

Post by DoubleOSeven »

...Me too and therefore I’d recommend getting on the phone to Andrew @ Campershack, as he’s offered.

NB. Shiply can quote for the engine on pallet.
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Re: rebuild or re manufactured engine.

Post by Ciaoflyer »

I did mine myself, having no experience with these engines, Haynes and the lovely folk on this forum! Parts were expensive but I had fun doing it and the satisfaction of it running again at the end is fab! However, it took me 3 years to complete 😳 but that was due to time and there is the constant worry that you have done something wrong! Good luck whichever route you follow!
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