1.9 DG Engine cuts out when warm

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1.9 DG Engine cuts out when warm

Post by adsnape »

This problem is driving me mad. Doris has been in the garage for weeks now, but it looks like shes coming back unsorted. She will run for five minutes or so, and then cut out. Fuel delivery is good (pump and tank have been checked, no rust in the system), spark is good, compression is fine, the carb is clean (no rust in the bowls) and all the seals and joints are airtight (WD40 everywhere). So far she has had new dizzy cap, leads, ignition module, plugs, carb gaskets, wiring between the carb and temp gauge, coil, and water pump. I am running out of ideas (and money).
I did drain the tank and found something that looked like water in the fuel, I have completely drained and refilled it and there has been no repeat.
Can anyone suggest anything else to try? The garage is convinced it is temperature related, once she gets up to temp she cuts out. I love this van but I do not want a metal chicken shed on the front drive, I need a working van
Any suggestions gratefully received.
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Re: 1.9 DG Engine cuts out when warm

Post by TONYT25T25 »

Have you checked the fuel filter to see if fuel is present there when it conks out, can you do the same test when not driving ie on side of road or driveway.  Also have a look at this. [font]http://wiki.club8090.co.uk/index.php/Fu ... rmittently[/font]
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Re: 1.9 DG Engine cuts out when warm

Post by diabolov »

Is she on choke for the 5 mins of running? so as that comes off she falters and stops?  does she start again for another 5 or is that it for the day?

 You've pretty much replaced the whole ignition side of things, I think I would start looking at the black art of Carb....
If a pierburg  2E3 have you blown out the idle jet.... Is the choke working as should?

As Tony suggests are you getting fuel out of the pump after the 5 mins or is it running on a bowl full at a time

just a couple off the top of my  head...
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Re: 1.9 DG Engine cuts out when warm

Post by 300CE »

As you've changed most things, it could possibly be a failing Hall Sender in the distributor - there's plenty of threads on this so might be worth having a search to see if your symptoms are the same.

I have a spare dizzy that i'm happy to post out to you to test if you like?
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Re: 1.9 DG Engine cuts out when warm

Post by sump »

I'll second that one!

I had a similar problem that no one could find it was driving me mad. Turned out to be one of the small wires inside distributor that come from the electronic ignition module, fitted a new one and was fine from then on.

Let us know what happens we all like a result.

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Re: 1.9 DG Engine cuts out when warm

Post by ajsimmo »

I had one with a break in the loom between dizzy and ignition amplifier. If you lifted the cable slightly above the left hand head it cut out. Also ran perfectly cold, and played up hot. Swapped the loom and all was well.

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Re: 1.9 DG Engine cuts out when warm

Post by kevtherev »

So have all the vacuum components been checked for any compramise?

A weak mixture comes in many guises.
And has the ability to stop an engine when the choke is off.
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Re: 1.9 DG Engine cuts out when warm

Post by Da dan »

Has fuel flow been checked directly after cutting out to see if it’s coming through? Fuel pump does funny things sometimes.

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