Heater matrix issue?

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Heater matrix issue?

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The heater blower in my 89 Dg Wbx packed up recently and having spent all weekend changing the thing, the good news is I have a working blower but the bad news is now the air isn’t heating?!

I have bled the cooling system and having read some post on the matter, I have checked the control thingy above the spare wheel - it seems the cable might not be doing it’s thing now but having moved the arm manually to the other position, still nadda

I will clearly need to fix the cable issue but am foxed as to why no heating..

I had heating before the blower gave in, and having the removed to unit, the only thing I can think is that I might have mixed the hoses to the matrix when putting it back in the van - not sure if that makes a difference or if it could be an air lock in the matrix itself?

Kind of hoping it’s the latter but any thoughts?

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Re: Heater matrix issue?

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Classic case of changed too many things at once syndrome !

Air lock in the heater matrix will be the real issue , but if you don’t know if the heater control tap is open or closed you will struggle to bleed it . First job would be make sure you know if the tap is opening and make sure it is
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