Jx injection pump alignment

Big lumps of metals and spanners. Including servicing and fluids.

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Re: Jx injection pump alignment

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Had this exact same problem, my belt started to shred on one side
when i replaced the belt it started to wonder and come close to the edge again, this was only when i  was hand cranking to check all was aligned, i found the problem and it was the brass bushes inside the shaft of the injection pump, i was going to renew them as you can buy them from www.injectionpumps.co.uk

However when i stripped down the injection pump the inside of it has started rusting out on all parts,
so in the end i managed to pick up a refurbed pump from someone selling on a facebook page,
Bottom one is the refurbed one so i fitted that one and all was good when i set up the cam belt and hand cranked it, no more wondering across the injection pump pulley. Here it is running.

I know its not a JX setup but the principle is the same.
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