4 speed gearbox whine

Big lumps of metals and spanners. Including servicing and fluids.

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4 speed gearbox whine

Post by Banzai »

Hi all,

I’m a new T25 (1.9DG 4spd manual) owner and I’m working through the to do list on the van.

One of the issues I wanted to try to address was the sloppy gear shift and a whine from the gearbox in 2nd.

I’ve replaced the bushings front to back and dropped the gearbox oil and replaced it.

The problem is the whine now seems worse!

There looked to be around 3L of oil in the box and I refilled until the oil dripped from the fill hole (~3.5L)
I replaced the nasty looking oil with Westway 80W90 GL4 and added Molyslip GM6RA.

Can anyone advise on the error of my ways or is the gearbox just mullered 😬

Thanks in advance.
1988 Leisuredrive Crusader pop top 1.9DG 4 speed 😎

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Re: 4 speed gearbox whine

Post by Aidan »

what was the drainplug magnet build up like ?
whine only in 2nd, on power, off power ?
can you feel anything if you gently touch the gearstick ?

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