tappet adustment

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tappet adustment

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hi . iam adusting my tappetts on a 1.9 waterboxer it as done over 100.000.miles in manuals it says two turn is that is that full 180 degree turn. it says in bentleys manual you can adjust them to either 006.or 0010thou toevacuate air out of tappetts but adust back after

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Re: tappet adustment

Post by ajsimmo »

Two full turns, that's 720°. However, that may not give optimal results if they've been running and wearing at a very different setting. I recommend you make a note of the current setting when adjusting. Then if you have problems you can return to your original settings.
Btw, on worn tappets I prefer 1.5 turns in (540°).

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