1.9 suddenly leaking oil

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1.9 suddenly leaking oil

Post by dooglex »

I own an 86 1.9 petrol manual, it has been in storage for 10 years but I recently got it back on the road.
It's all been going great until i noticed it had started leaking just a little oil, i opened the engine bay and found it down the side of the engine underneath the starter, some on the pipe between the carb and the airbox, and mostly all over the center exhaust support under the betll housing.
I noticed quite a bit of oil in the air pipe between the air filter and the carb, is this normal?
Is there anything else that I can check before dropping the engine and checking the seals with the engine out?

Many thanks
86 1.9 petrol manual

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Re: 1.9 suddenly leaking oil

Post by oilrag »

The signs are pretty certain that the main seal has failed due to age hardening,engine and box out,and once the box is away from the engine ,firstly and most importantly before removing fly wheel from crank ,check and make a note of the end float measurement ,then remove flywheel,replace seal and also replace seal behind crank pulley wheel at other end ,then reset endfloat using shims ,(critical ) 
Itchyfeet has done an excellent article on this .
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