1984 1.9 water cooled hi top. Choke/stalling issues

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1984 1.9 water cooled hi top. Choke/stalling issues

Post by adamb87 »

Good evening ladies and Gents.

I’m new to club8090 and you’ll have to excuse my ignorance as first forum of any sort but what I’ve seen from the posts it looks like you guys are doing a great job keeping the less informed rolling. I’ve just purchased my first camper. It’s a 1984 1.9 water cooled petrol hi top. It looks like various repairs have happened externally but as far as I’m aware is pretty original on the inside. I’m having starting/stalling issues when cold and warm and have read various threads but am wondering wether I need to jump straight in and remove carb? It doesn’t look original it has the same pancake as I’ve seen on various vids of same engine but it looks like it’s stamped Weber on the side of it which I’m guessing isn’t original. Would it be ok if I post some pics? Some of the van itself to see if any of you recognise the conversion company/model as there is no decals or anything and two of the engine/carb to see if there’s anything I need to look at properly. Sorry if I’ve posted in wrong area like I said I’m new to this. I am a refrigeration engineer so understand compressors but carburettors especially old ones I’m relatively novice.

Many thanks for your time.

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Re: 1984 1.9 water cooled hi top. Choke/stalling issues

Post by TONYT25T25 »

Hello, welcome to the club, I joined a few years back and have gleaned a wealth of information and help since then.  There is a vast amount of knowledge and experience on this site who will respond to your queries.  I am not familiar with that type of carb but somebody will have.  Only advice I can give is not to start pulling things apart yet and to post a few images. 
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Re: 1984 1.9 water cooled hi top. Choke/stalling issues

Post by Stesaw »

Howdo, pictures always help when asking for help about such things, also the wiki has lots of info on various subjects that are covered very well and should help you out a lot. 
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Re: 1984 1.9 water cooled hi top. Choke/stalling issues

Post by 937carrera »

Welcome :)

There are two types of 1.9 water cooled petrol engines, the DG, which is the most common and the DF, which is lower peak power, but has pretty much the same torque in the lower engine range. The engine number is stamped on the case near the oil tower.

I suspect I have a hybrid, it's what the van came with, and is fitted with a Weber 34DAT carb.

There are a couple of threads which are worth reading



I would start out by simply removing and cleaning the jets as described in that second thread....... and upload pictures using the "black i" when you think it will help

ps: payback time comes when people need help with aircon or fridges :ok
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Re: 1984 1.9 water cooled hi top. Choke/stalling issues

Post by Mr Bean »

Don't do yourself down adamb87. I look at it this way:
A carburettor is just a different manifestation of a fridge where the vapour is hopefully burnt rather than condensed to go round again. And no doubt many fridges have ways to test your logical thinking just as frustratingly as a T25. And I'll bet in some fridge installations you encounter you’re needed to squeeze your fingers and if required your whole body into some tricky places to fix them.
So as a fridge engineer you are off to a better start than many. The forum is as good/better  than the old fashioned evening classes and just as free.
Do enjoy :ok
Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech.
Practice makes better
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Re: 1984 1.9 water cooled hi top. Choke/stalling issues

Post by Mocki »

Yes, get some pictures up on here , it’s really easy these days , just click on the "big i" up at the end of top line ^
and upload . 

often  good clear picture of the entire engine bay can show what the issue could be , or what is wrong .
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