Jumping out of gear

Big lumps of metals and spanners. Including servicing and fluids.

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Jumping out of gear

Post by ap1930 »

Hi my camper has began to jump out of 3rd gear recently when I ease of the gas. It's a 1988 5 speed 1.6TD with a 1.9D 1Y engine in it. Is this an easy fix or is the gearbox knackered. If so where would be the best place to get it sorted etc. Seems I'm getting prices from £1000 to £1800 online to get a replacement. PS I live in Scotland.

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Re: Jumping out of gear

Post by sarahandthebear »

Hello sounds like the gear linkages need replacing not a hard job but A bit fiddly to adjust. I’m currently trying to adjust mine but can change gears like a dream now
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