Loud rattle noise

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Loud rattle noise

Post by Davegrohl99 »

So just 10km from home after doing about 500km of the wild Atlantic way and a sudden metal sounding bang clatter started.

I looked at the oil pressure guage and now light immediately stopped at the first chance and tried to investigate.

I had to put was reading just before low on the stick and added 500ml of oil. Waited a few min checked everything else and decided to start it again.

The rattle or clinging started to ease the more I drived and I eventually got her home. On the last 5 km i decided to slowly put the throttle down and there was no hesitation or any sign of anything wrong. By the time i got home i reckon the noise stopped.

Maybe a lifeter got stuck as of low oil and constant driving probably 200km today.

Or should I worry even more. I'm going to have a look again tomorrow evening and the small drip on the starter bolt seems to indicate the rear main seal might be shot.

This might explain the heavy drinking of oil and maybe this incident.

Any thoughts are welcome

1981 Westfalia 2.0 CU engine


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1981 Westfalia 2.0 CU engine.
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