Engine help for a friend

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Engine help for a friend

Post by Mudlark »

A friend of mine in Bristol has 1.6 diesel which she is having no end of trouble with. She has been taking it to a non vw garage who installed a recon for her a couple of years back but they sound like they are not really doing the right thing. As an example they installed a fan in the engine bay with a manual switch on the dash for when it 'overheats'. She tells me that was because the coolant light flashes sometimes.

Who is the engine specialist in Bristol that can help get to the bottom of it ?
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Re: Engine help for a friend

Post by Aidan »

worth asking Tim Shettle, he's diesel knowledgeable in St Anns timshettle@gmail.com

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Re: Engine help for a friend

Post by HarryMann »

Skirting the issue about experts in Bristol...

Is it overheating (on the temp gauge) or is the coolant light flashing ?
Two very different things.
we all know many different reasons for coolant light flashing, most rather mundane.
Presume its a TD JX not an old NA CT or KY



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