Track Control Rod Removal

Big lumps of metals and spanners. Including servicing and fluids.

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Track Control Rod Removal

Post by maxstu »

1989 2.1 DJ Auto PAS.
Manual says remove steering rack first. :roll:

Q1. Anyone changed them whilst rack still on chassis?
Q2. Are they threaded both ends?

I Changed both track end balljoints. One side easy. Kept tracking where it was. Other side was an absolute pig. The adjuster nut would not release. Finally won the day using a blowtorch but l lost my settings; the new track end balljoints had slightly longer housing so l needed to realign tracking. But coming to the end of thread by balljoint and still out loads.
Anything to do with new radius rod bushes l fitted recently? I had some welding around the hole same side.
1989 DJ 2.1 Auto Leisuredrive rusty bucket.
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