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Big lumps of metals and spanners. Including servicing and fluids.

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Posting technical pics - Techpowerup - itchyinfo

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'Posting technical pics' so I can leave it here and it won't get deleted :D

This is for a windows PC and uses a free uploading service

You can't go back and look at all the pics you uploaded later you just need to do them one at a time.

There is a max size of 2MB so you may need to reduce your picture size first or change the setting on your camera to take lower resolution photos that are under 2MB

Start by clicking the link which opens a new tab in a web browser and then open file explorer to find your photos" onclick=";return false;

If you don't know what a tab, a web browser or file explorer is just ask any 5+ year old to help you :D

Select your picture and drag and drop onto the upload area
or click in the upload area and select your file

spaces in files names cause problems so don't.


click upload

Click on the Forum BB code area an it will be highlighted then right click and copy ( or Ctrl +C on the keyboard for anybody over 50)


This has now copied the location of the photo to the clipboard where it is available to post into your thread later

Create, E D I T, quote or postreply on a thread on 8090, right click and paste ( or Ctrl + P on the keyboard for anybody over 50)


you get this which is the location of your photo with the Image part added, this means when you submit the post the picture is automatically displayed, If you want to check you can select preview first before submitting and it will show you what the picture will look like.


then upload another, copy and paste another link into the post if you want multiple photos in your post

hit submit and your post is published and the picture will automatically display


I think there are limits to the size of picture 8090 will display, you will get an error message if you exceed this.
In this case you will need to make the picture smaller but I think the 2MB upload limit will have already prevented you getting this far.
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